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From Corner Meat Market to International Enterprise: OSI Food Solutions

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Would you be interested in working in the foodservice industry? Do you have any kind of desire to build a career while working in this specific industry? OSI Food Solutions is one of the best choices for those who are seeking a challenging and fun experience. This Illinois-based food provider has a number of openings that need tobe filled in the sectors of production supervision, maintenance, mechanics, office work and executive. Thanks to having so many locations, each OSI location has a mixed bag of open positions.

Production and productivity is what OSI Food Solution specializes in. This affluent company is very efficient with its work, and it takes away the frustration that many people began to feel while working with clients. Clients can be very demanding at times, but OSI’s capability is on another level. The company is constantly investing in advanced technologies. These technologies can increase the processing of food production. By adding a high-capacity production line to its factory in Spain, the company has been able to double its production in the processing of chicken and beef. This investment was worth more than $17 million. When it comes to the nation of China, OSI Food Solutions has been operating here for two decades. OSI has up to 10 factories here, and it’s the largest producer of poultry. In addition to that, OSI has added a high-capacity production line to its plant in Hungary. This investment was worth $25 million, and it was able to triple the production of processing chicken.

As you can see, this company doesn’t mind investing its hard-earned money because this hard-earned money will provide an even better return on investment. The leadership roles from president David McDonald and chief executive officer Sheldon Lavin is paying off to the highest degree. They provide the perfect combination of business experience and ingenuity. The future of OSI Food Solutions is looking great, but who knows what the coming years will have in store. OSI Food Solutions is definitely changing the game while setting newer standards.


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