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How Ted Bauman Reshapes the Fiscal Landscape Through Asset Protection

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Apart from being the modest financial genius that he is, Ted Bauman’s genuine interest in helping his clients – and by extension, the general public – make better financial decisions is what makes him respected among his peers. He does this through publishing well-researched, comprehensively written articles on a regular basis.

Through these publications, Mr. Bauman dishes out dimes on how best people/families can protect their assets/wealth legally hence securing their families futures. In the course of his long life, Ted Bauman had the pleasure of working quite a number of jobs, from the worst ones all the way to the best ones. At one point, he even had to work both in Burger King and McDonald’s just to make ends meet. Read this article at Analyst of Finance.

And thanks to his long working experience in different industries, Mr. Bauman learned the importance of money management as it was hard to come by at the time. And that’s why when it comes to wealth/asset protection, Ted Bauman always reiterates on the importance of keeping one’s assets out of reach of financial institutions. But as they do so, they’ll also have to protect these assets from natural/manmade disasters as they can be equally devastating.

He advised on investing in a lock box or a safe at home or even better, opening a safe deposit box at your local bank. You can also open a safe deposit box in a foreign bank, which will depend on your personal preference. Mr. Bauman also termed opening an independent vault in a foreign country as the best idea but only limited to those with the relevant financial capability.

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Before becoming the financial acumen/ comprehensive writer that we’ve all grown to know and admire, Ted Bauman rose from very humble beginnings. Before becoming a bona fide member of the Banyan Hill Publishing family, Mr. Bauman had to first of all graduate from the University of Cape Town with two degrees; one in History and the other in Economics. He then proceeded to hold quite a number of financial related jobs which contributed to his rather desirable resume.

Some of these jobs include being a Fund Manager for Low Costing Housing in South Africa – a job he held for well over 25 years. Mr. Bauman also worked as a consultant for the European Grant-Making Agencies, the South African government as well as selected clients. During his tenure as a consultant, Ted Bauman was tasked with researching and writing on a plethora of important financial issues among them housing and urban development. View Ted’s profile on Linkedin.

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