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How Tony Petrello Became the CEO of the Leading Oil and Gas Drilling Giant

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Tony Petrello happens to be a very successful man in the America’s business community and has been on the frontline working with the success of his company. He has succeeded in almost every venture he has placed his hands on and has been on the frontline pursuing his dreams for successful future. Tony has been the chairman and the CEO of Nabors Industries Ltd, but before that, he used to practice as a lawyer at the famous Baker & McKenzie. He was a great business lawyer and has great tax analytical skills that attracted the directors of the famous Nabors. He was able to bring so many clients in the firm because of his prowess in solving certain legal issues that affected the company. His achievements are great, and he has great managerial skills. He is also respected because of his ability to manage fellow employees and is also a great time manager. He has always been confident in winning for his clients, and they used to trust him a lot. He had natural intelligence beside great academic qualifications in career.

Petrello has great and awesome management skills that have developed in his corporate career. He has been able to apply the majority of them in his job as a CEO of Nabors Industries, and the company has greatly achieved. He has also proven to the other directors and the stakeholders that he is the best guy for the company. He has always been looking for better ways to motivate his staff and to enhance more innovation and commitment. There is no other trick to success apart from working with the most committed staff. Nabors happens to be the leading drilling company in the world and has operations based in Africa, Middle East, USA and the Far East. He has contributed greatly to helping in the introduction of the state of the art machinery that has made drilling much easier and cheaper to operate. They have also managed to increase production.

Tony Petrello did not just come from anywhere but worked for his success. He was a great student in schools despite his parent’s inability not to afford best schools. Luck followed him everywhere, and after completing high school, he performed exemplary well in mathematics and was taken by the University of Yale where he studied a bachelors degree and masters. He later went to Havard School of law for a J.D. degree, and the journey has been awesome. He is a great mathematician and a successful lawyer.

To know more visit @: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Nabors_Industries

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