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“IC System Has It Covered”

Technology / May 1, 2018 / No Comments /

In 1938, Ruth and Jack Erickson founded a company that would change the way that debts were collected and recovered. The name of the company the husband and wife duo created is called IC System (Indeed). Since 1938, IC System has passed through three generations of Erickson’s family ownership; and as technology advanced so did the way IC System conducted their business. IC System began with typewriters, and then they moved on to computers as early as 1968. As of today, IC System uses cutting edge programs to follow the latest compliance and regulatory standards while conducting business. The company is run on the principle that they strive to be the most trusted provider working with receivables management services.

IC Systems is a debt collection recovery agency that pursues the goal of being the best and most trusted company that looks out for their clients. The company has a rigorous training system called Compliance Risk Management System or CRMS for short. The CRMS system embodies all types of training making sure the employees know all the state and national compliance rules, the security protocols, information on the licensure of the company, and all the company’s sustainable objectives. IC Systems also uses an ethical approach that the employees must master before they become part of the team that deals with customers. The ethical approach is encompassed of consumer-friendly practices while being trained in extensive auditing procedures, thorough documentation. The employees in training work with a policy created in a template that shows what actually is being audited. All policies are created using the same template; so through routine the employees will function better, because they know what to expect.

Security is the main principle concern dealing with accounts and recovery, because you will always be dealing with someone’s personal information. If the information gets in the wrong hands, there will be a privacy breach resulting in certain penalties; such as fines and even jail time. IC System has been audited by a third-party auditor and specialist named FRSecure. FRSecure is a security service that has developed a proprietary approach to assessing the security risks of any company dealing with the handling of an individual’s information. FRSecure has ensured that IC System has true data security compliance. IC System has truly mastered the debt recovery system in every way.


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