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JD.com and Intel Built a Partnership for the Technological Advancement of Retail

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Richard Liu Qiangdong is a successful Chinese online entrepreneur who managed to create a thriving online retail industry in China. His company, called JD.com, currently holds the title as China’s largest retailer. The business is known for putting a lot of importance in the field of technology, and Richard Liu Qiangdong has partnered with several tech companies to develop new strategies on how the stores of the future should be operated. The partnership between JD.com and Intel will create a landmark transformation in how the brick and mortar businesses will be managed in the years to come, and JD.com’s big data will play a huge part in it.

JD.com hopes to become the first company that will integrate a lot of existing technologies including the internet of things and a smart managing system in all of its stores. With the help of Intel, China’s largest retailer stated that their ambitious plan could be a possibility, and it could change a whole industry and advance how trade and retail is being done. The plan also involves the creation of a smart database for all customer information, allowing the business to identify what their customer preferences are and what type of products they will most likely buy. Intel also said that it would be possible for JD.com to have an efficient smart stocking system that would allow the company to determine which products are needed to be stocked excessively based on the data provided by previous statistics.

JD.com’s plan in transforming the way they do business is evident in their initial effort of penetrating most of China. The company recently established their logistics department that allowed the company to reach out to their business partners that provides their delivery needs. This new logistics department will establish a database of all warehouses and delivery vehicles who would like to partner with JD.com. Through the partnership with their delivery partners, JD.com will have the capability to deliver items faster, and they could serve more than 90% of the Chinese population. This remarkable feat has been welcomed by the public, stating that Richard Liu Qiangdong is passionate in making his business more successful.

Details Richard Liu via twitter : https://twitter.com/liu_qiangdong?lang=en


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