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Jeff Herman’s Opinions on Pedophilia and How to Protect Your Children

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In this ever evolving technologically progressive age, it’s important now more than ever, to closely monitor your children’s activities both in a physical setting and over the internet. Jeff Herman, a nationally recognized attorney, strives to be a voice for victims of rape and sexual assault. Particularly, when those victims are children.

Jeff Herman insists that one of the most important things to protect your child is by keeping open lines of communication. If a child is in danger or is curious they need to be able to express themselves. In most cases it is the parent who will need to open the subject of sexual communication to their child in an age appropriate way. Jeff recommends approaching the child at an early. And instilling on them what is and is not okay.

Especially as it pertains to physical touch, Herman states the importance of informing the child that not everyone in their life is their friend. And sometimes people will try to hurt them if they let them. Therefore it’s crucial to let children know it’s okay to say, “No,” if someone is making them feel uncomfortable.

Children are very sensitive to this ever-changing world. They often seek validation from others including other adults, if they aren’t receiving enough attention from their own parents. Having open lines of communication is what it means to maintain a healthy relationship with your child. To help develop them and their choices, having talks about sex not just once but whenever appropriate will help them realize the importance of sexual safety.

Building trust with your child will increase the likelihood of them coming to you in the event something does occur. Even keeping this in mind, keep a watchful eye on the adults in your children’s life. Realize, and inform them that it’s not appropriate for them to regularly communicate on social media with any adult without your knowledge.

Finally, keep a watchful eye on any adults that want to give gifts or spend time alone with your child. If they’re more inclined to touch or say inappropriate things it could be a sign they’re preying on your child. Parents are the ones meant to protect and nurture a child. Protecting them is keeping them away from suspicious individuals, nurturing them is teaching them how to protect themselves.

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