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Jeffry Schneider And The Importance of Wellness Programs In Your Life

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It’s important to have a wellness plan in your life, and company founder Jeffry Schneider is one of the few and rare people who can implement and value this quality in one’s life.

Jeffry Schneider is known to be the leader in alternative investments. In the community of traders, he is widely known to be the man who brought the success for various ventures, including the emerging investment boutique established in Austin, Texas, in which he is the CEO and the Founder. In his success, he attributes that a major part of hitting his target goals comes from the wellness plan that he follows religiously in his life.

Importance of Wellness

You don’t have to overthink what a wellness plan is. The basic wellness program today that consists of balancing family time and work time already shows a lot of benefits to your health. Jeffry believes that working in a corporate world can be very monotonous, and so a wellness plan that incorporates fun activities into the daily schedule will extremely drive up your productivity.

To incorporate a fun energy into your daily work life, Jeffry thinks that a wellness program that consists of light aerobics, yoga and pilates a few hours each week would also be extremely beneficial. Also, you don’t have to expend a lot just to achieve the wellness plan that you made. Jeffry suggests that there are many free-to-join wellness activities in your workplace that you don’t have to pay for.

Benefits of Wellness Programs

There are numerous benefits in hitting the goals you set in your wellness plan. In fact, CEOs like Jeffry would not disagree with the recent studies from the AFLAC 2012 Workforce Report that showed how more satisfied employees are when they engage in wellness programs.

It’s also shown in the reports that the more the employees are engaged in wellness programs, the more dedicated and healthy they become. Another benefit of a wellness program that is proven today is the camaraderie that wellness programs give to people.

Nothing seems to be more important in the life of employees than ensuring that their health is in its prime. Wellness programs are also one of the best ways that can guarantee that employees are not only healthy, but they’re also able to build bonds with their fellow staff. That said, a good wellness program can give a unique set of experiences for people who participate in it, making their social life even healthier.

Another benefit of wellness programs that Jeffry also agree with is the fact that they lower healthcare costs. Jeffry’s company encourages people to join varied wellness programs because healthy employees mean lower healthcare costs. Employees are less likely to get sick when they join in marathon runs and yoga sessions. This saves money both for the company and the employees themselves. Studies even conform to this statement. Many records show that the overall healthcare costs of a firm are significantly reduced when wellness programs are in place. So why not keep your body healthy and keep heart diseases at bay by engaging in the simple wellness program available to you today?

Jeffry Schneider’s Wellness Program

For Jeffry Schneider wellness program, he focuses on sustainable ways to keep the body healthy. He also thinks that a diet that’s always in moderation is the best way to do it. He thinks that a flexitarian lifestyle, which randomly changes the diet and exercises, is proven to give a longer and healthier life. Jeffry also believes that adding randomness to one’s social life will also help one get the best level of fitness that he or she needs.


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