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Jeremy Goldstein Offers his Support to the People Living with Mental Illnesses

New York / September 26, 2018 / No Comments /

Jeremy Goldstein is a man who has been committed to changing the New York corporate department in the most positive way. The lawyer has done so much for his customers in different parts of the state. Jeremy Goldstein focuses on advising company chief executive officers, businesses, management teams, and compensation committees so that they can perform well in the issues concerning compensation and governance. The people who have been getting his advice are doing so well in their careers, and they have managed to get their organizations to the top of the ladder. Jeremy Goldstein has founded his law firm, known as Jeremy Goldstein & Associates. As the founder of the institution, the lawyer has been doing so much to make sure that his company is successful.

Although Jeremy is enjoying the fruits of his hard work in the law department, he has not forgotten his role in assisting the less fortunate members of the society. Jeremy Goldstein has been taking part in some philanthropic causes in the recent times, and this is why he keeps on becoming popular in the country. This year, the lawyer decided that he was going to make an impact in the lives of people who are living with various forms of mental illnesses. The lawyer has chosen to host a dinner in support of the people living with mental illnesses in the country.

Jeremy Goldstein has announced that he will be working with the Fountain House to make sure that mental patients are living the life they deserve. The World Health Organization recently revealed shocking information about mental illnesses in the world. The organizations state that the illness is becoming a humanitarian crisis that should be handled with the amount of care needed. This discovery has motivated Foundation House to work with people who are living with this mental torture.


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