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Johanan Rand’s anti-aging and fitness program

Health and Fitness / April 5, 2018 / No Comments /

The hormone levels in the body profoundly influence the human body’s aging process. The body can secrete hormones with both negative and positive effects. The longer one lives, the more the secretion of harmful hormones like insulin and cortisol are increased while the levels of the positive ones like estrogen and testosterone get lowered. These changes in levels and the resulting imbalance greatly impacts the aging process as researched by Dr. Rand. Aging results in conditions like anxiety, depression, increased blood pressure, weight gain and dementia among other adverse effects on the body and brain. However a recent discovery has been made of a way to restore the balance in hormones and as a result, reverse the effects of aging.

The bioidentical hormone replacement program seeks to design hormones similar to the ones that were present in the individual’s body at a younger age by the use of IV Nutrient Therapy. The eight-year-old Healthy Aging Medical Centers established by Doctor Johanan Rand are known for providing such treatments to clients suffering from aging-related illnesses like brain disorders. Doctor Rand uses integrative and regenerative approaches to solve these problems. Dr. Rand creates specific programs for each of his patients’ treatment while considering the differences in each of their bodies and conditions.

Other than the bioidentical hormone replacement program, the Healthy aging centers by Dr. Johanan Rand also concentrates on nutrition and exercise in their practice. The 50-year-old doctor is a specialist fitness expert and a health instructor who has been able to come up with a diet platform called the HCG that helps his patients in their quest for fitness. The HCG diet program is comprised of a hormone that is produced in the bodies of pregnant women to aid in the nourishing of the embryo. It has been proven that the diet helps prevent muscle deterioration while at the same time assisting in weight loss without necessarily having to go through starvation.

Dr. Johanan Rand is an Albert Einstein Medical College degree holder that has been in business for over two decades. He is based in New Jersey’s West Orange where he runs the Healthy Aging Centers under the certification of the Anti-Aging Medical Board.


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