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Jordan Lindsey Explores the Advantages of Cryptocurrency Over the Traditional Fiat Money

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According to Jordan Lindsey, a forex trading guru, despite the current stagnation in the growth of the value of cryptocurrencies, they still hold a better investment charm over the traditional fiat money system. The forex trading expert says that there are three significant advantages of cryptocurrencies today, that fiat money can’t outshine. These include:

No inflation

Inflation in the fiat money system is caused by an increase in currency supply which is majorly brought out by governments printing out more money. Since cryptocurrency has no centralized body, there is no way the supply will be in excess. Jordan Lindsay says that the decentralized nature of cryptocurrency guarantees you that your money won’t lose value.

International mobility

Jordan goes on to add that cryptocurrencies offer global movement that cannot be attained by fiat money. He attributes this to the virtual nature of this currencies. This means you can seamlessly conduct any international payments with your cryptocurrency balance.


Privacy and anonymity have been the core of cryptocurrency since its inception. Jordan Lindsay says that this feature will help you get around the numerous formalities involved with large money transfers in the fiat money system.

About Jordan Lindsay

Jordan Lindsay is a renowned forex trading guru and San Francisco’s JCL Capital founder and CEO. Mr. Lindsay has been in the forex trading industry throughout his career. He is acclaimed in this industry for having brought about revolutionary technology and financial services methods.

Lindsay is also well versed in systems architecture and programming. With these self-taught skills, he has been able to develop some of the best technologies and methodologies in forex trading. Today, Lindsay focuses more on the cryptocurrency platform, and its ICOs. He is one of the few global business leaders who greatly believe in the potential of cryptocurrency and openly advocates for it as a viable investment option.

This forex trading master was born in the city of New York. Joined Mount Angel Seminary and later St. Joseph’s College where he completed his studies. Through his career, Jordan has been able to live in several countries around the globe including Argentina, Bosnia-Herzegovina, and Mexico.


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