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Jordan Lindsey On Current Forex Trends

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As per the thesis of trading there are certain and most evident action to which every trader should be familiar with.


Arbitrate the trend: The first and foremost thing which every trader must note in his mind is, to keep the eyes constantly on the trend and must study it on a different time interval so that the exact idea of the trend could be understood. They must use price action and various technical Indicators to be updated 24×7.


Planning The Entry: It is the most important step as it could be the key point of difference between the massive success or failure. Being patient and waiting for the proper time could be the positive factor to which every trader thinks off at the initial stage.


Limiting the previous losses: Everyone must understand that trend trading is a cent percent bet, as the price may go in either of the direction. So, if one of yours bet didn’t work, then it doesn’t make any sense to stick in the same trade. Keep tracking the market and accordingly try to move on.


Mounting your target: The most important thing is that one must always set the target prior in advance and it could end in a decisive result most of the time.

Let’s know about the veteran trader who is a successful as trader which everyone aspires to become of. (Read more about Jordan Lindsey on Crunchbase: Jordan Lindsey)


Jordan Lindsey was born and brought in New York. Like other children he also had Interest in playing the sports like tennis and ice hockey. But the one thing which made him a little different and unique from the other child was his entrepreneur mind. From the teen age itself he looked up for the business opportunities to make the things better and thus change the world on his own.


He took his education from Mount Angel Seminary and the St. Joseph College. Interesting thing about him was that Lindsey was the self-taught programmer. Taking Jordan Lindsey’s programming level to the next height he finished coding of an algorithm in 2Q17 using the MQL4 language on the meta trader 4 platform which is currently used in the foreign market and is the largest market in the world. The major achievement of this market is that over 5 trillion dollars per day is traded between the countries and various banks. He took the most productive shot of his carrier by successfully launching in 3Q17 followed by launching the bot in 3Q17 making it the first third party verified algorithm in the crypto currency markets.


Today, Jordan Lindsey offers his Bitcoin Growth Bot to the trading community. Among his investment accomplishments, the Nucleus Token released in Q3 2017 resulted in a successful crowd sale


The great thing about the successful people is that they always try to learn new things and correct their mistake simultaneously which makes them more productive in their field. Apart from Lindsey’s professional skills, he learnt how to be a leader and run the team in efficient manner and most importantly learning that the team requires two things for its functioning, first is the trust and friction being the other. Refer to This Article for more information.


His experience is as follows.


Advisor of Energia Global from 2017-Present

CEO of Prive information service from 2012-present

Founder of JCL capital from 2005-present

Vice president of Maximum Capital Management Inc. from February 1999-June 2001



Visit: https://interview.net/jordan-lindsey/

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