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Looking for an Alternative Massage Experience_Try a Chair!

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There are many reasons to seek out a massage. Perhaps you are an athlete who suffers from sore muscles, or just an office worker who sits all day and has an aching back. You might not even be suffering at all, but just want to relax. For people on the go, or who might be a little shy, a massage chair is a great alternative to a full body massage.


There are two general categories of massage chairs. The first is very simple, consisting of a padded apparatus that allows the customer to sit up while receiving a massage. An upright pad allows the customer to lean against something while their back remains exposed and ready. Some chairs even have a head rest to prevent strain on the customer’s neck. This makes the massage much quicker and beginner friendly, as it usually does not require the customer to undress.

The disadvantage of these chairs over the next category to be discussed is that they still require a human masseuse to give the massage. It can be difficult to schedule someone who is familiar with the chair, and there will be days when no one is working. However, having a human is also an advantage, as a person can always do a better job than an automated process, as they can respond to personal requests and suggestions, monitoring the customer throughout the process to make sure they are receiving a quality experience.

The second category of massge chair compare is an automated one, which uses various robotic arms and vibrators to simulate a more traditional massage given by a human. A chair of this sort usually looks like a normal chair, requiring the customer to sit upon it like a recliner they might find at their home. The back of the chair then moves and vibrates, stimulating the muscles of the back. These mechanical wonders can be quite expensive, though using a public model at a mall or local shopping center instead of purchasing one is a great way to save money. These machines come in various styles and prices, and the experience can range from a quick buzz on the lower back, to a wonderful robotic full back massage.

These chairs can have quite a few disadvantages. They do not give a personal massage, but rather follow their programming, which means that if the customer isn’t enjoying the process, there isn’t a way to inform the chair. However, the largest advantage of an automated massage chair is that it doesn’t require a human, which means it can be used at any time or in any location.

There’s no reason that the customer can’t use a combination of both chairs as well, depending on the customized service of an upright massage chair with a masseuse for more serious pains, and also using the automated chair for a more general massage just to relax.

Truly, a massage chair is a great way to gain the benefits of a massage without the hassle of a full blown table massage, and less hassle ultimately means less stress. Through the use of either of these chairs, customers can get the relaxation they need, in a time frame that better works for them.

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