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MB2 Dental, the Caring Organization

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MB2 Dental came to the rescue of its employees and victims of Hurricane Harvey in the Houston area. The hurricane hit Houston in August 2017 and left in its wake much of destruction to property, families, livelihoods, and lives. The Category 4 hurricane disrupted 25 offices affiliated to MB2 Dental and affected lives of many employees.

MB2 Dental immediately set out to accord relief supplies to the affected people and targeted to raise $100,000 for the relief efforts. The supplies garnered were distributed through the affiliated offices and churches in the affected cities and MB2 Dental monitored the supply mechanisms. The organization’s staff actually took part in the actual delivery efforts of the donations and this was much appreciated by the other affected staff members. They managed to hit 94% of the set target by raising around $93,000 for the whole rescue efforts.

MB2 Dental went ahead and kept in touch with the affected victims long after the hurricane to make sure all was well and assist where necessary. The organization released a video documenting their efforts during the hurricane which also included testimonies from the affected individuals. The streets were flooded in 20-inch-deep waters and cars broke down. Action by the MB2 Dental staff made the victims feel the support of their colleagues and the experience was less-depressing at the end of it all. Victims narrate of the compassion they felt from MB2 Dental as their situation was always monitored by constant calls and reassurances.

MB2 Dental serves as a partner to dentists under its Dental Support Organization umbrella. The affiliated offices have complete autonomy from the organization and the organization only provides some services that help the affiliated partners run their practice in an efficient manner.

Read More: thecdigroup.com/portfolio/mb2dental-solutions/

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