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Meet the Excellent Jack of All Trades: Ara Chackerian

Entrepreneur / December 29, 2018 / No Comments /

Nothing is fascinating than listening/ reading the experiences of individuals who have already undertaken the path you are about to undertake. It is where you learn what to expect and not what to do. For those in the medical department, Ara Chackerain can help make your journey easy. He has been in the healthcare department close to 20 years. He has watched the industry grow, and technology change the way things work. He is currently working at both TMS Health Solutions and ASC Capital Holdings, LLC. Ara is able to manage the companies thanks to the BS in Marketing that he acquired in Florida State.

Unlike many people who choose to stick to a routine to remain productive, he is a random person. He doesn’t have any schedule to follow. What is important to him is he sees that he balances his work and philanthropic activities. He says that he tries his best to remember than everything he has become in life has not been because of his hard work but pure lottery life. At least that is what he believes.

Besides being a great philanthropist and a successful business person, he is also an environmentalist and a blogger. His articles are very informative, exciting and catchy. Recently, he wrote a piece of how China is trying to save its environment through the planting of forests. In the past five years, they have planted 338,000 square miles of forests.

China has chosen 60000 soldiers to provide the labor. Although the announcement was sudden, the soldiers are not surprised because the China government had talked about cutting 300,000 troops from their military. On the bright side, the soldiers are not sad about the shift of duty. Also, the climate at Hebei Province is conducive and cool. In the past months, some soldiers have been transferred to offer services such as repairing infrastructure.

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