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Michael Jackson’s Mirror Image

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Michael Jackson will forever be the King of Pop; while gone, he is certainly not forgotten. Since his passing, fans have searched for something to fill the void and many have found Michael Jackson impersonators satisfy their need to see him and experience the magic again. There are thousands upon thousands of celebrity impersonators, and many try to perfect their “King of Pop” performance, but his bigger than life persona, and musical talent does not come easy for all, and few have perfected it over the years.

One young man realized early on that he not only looked strikingly similar to Michael Jackson but his ability to pull of the King of Pop’s infamous moves such as the crotch grab and the moon walk was impeccable. Sergio Cortes became entranced with a young Michael Jackson during the Jackson Five days, then later during his years at middle school Sergio began practicing the singers moves, and grooming himself to resemble him even more closely. As a teenager, he so closely resembled Michael that people asked him for autographs and had sold them, thinking they were actually Michael Jackson’s autograph. Sergio was spotted by a talent scout, and his was picture shared which went viral and his life forever changed as he hit it big time as a celebrity impersonator. These days Sergio is nearly the mirror image of Michael and it is virtually impossible to tell the pictures of them side-by-side apart.

Currently Sergio Cortes lives in Brazil, South America, and performs a variety of Michael Jackson covers for thousands of fans who come for the satisfaction of seeing the next best thing to Michael himself. Destiny Projects is now his manager and he is working on a show set to premier live in Italy, “Human Nature”, which is set to be a live tribute the late singer. While no one can fully grasp the whole persona of Michael Jackson, the legend, no one comes as close as Sergio Cortes. A chance to see Sergio Cortes perform as Michael Jackson in person should not be passed up, especially by fans of the late pop star himself.

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