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Michael Phelps’s Background Makes Him Ideal Spokesman for TalkSpace

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Talkspace earned its incredible success in the market before even signing on a celebrity spokesperson. Currently a global leader and essential founder in online therapy, the app has done extraordinary things to help its subscribers, while keeping its profit margins high enough to keep costs low and establish longevity in the market.

Signing on Michael Phelps is no coincidence. The Olympic diver recalls many times throughout his career where he struggled with both anxiety and depression. He discusses with the public how he found it incredibly difficult to find necessary help. Eventually, the athlete found an outlet to open up and discuss the issues that were plaguing him. Contrary to the fears of many, opening up allowed Phelps to feel strong and powerful, rather than feel the vulnerability that he feared would follow.  Check out askmen.com to read more about Talkspace

Phelps tells the world that he felt empowered by the ability to chat via text or video to a therapist, no matter the time or place. Because of this, Michael Phelps decided that he had the power to help others facing the same, or similar, challenges with mental health. He hopes people realize that access to help, through Talkspace Reviews, is more accessible and affordable than it has ever been before.

The stigma of mental health is just one of many forces that keep suffering individuals away from foraying into therapy. Michael Phelps is aiding the cause through his outreach as a Talkspace spokesperson, in addition to his work on the app’s Board of Advisors. The board is also made up of psychologists, experts in the mental health industry, and corporate CEOs.

Oren Frank, CEO of Talkspace, is thrilled to add Olympic diver Michael Phelps to the Talkspace team. According to Frank, Phelps has fantastic commitment to improving the field, to go along with his firsthand knowledge.

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