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Mike Baur: One Simple Idea

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Mike Baur is is a highly accomplished business consultant and coach, mentor and serial entrepreneur. In fact, Baur has made a career out of it. He founded the Zurich-based Swiss Startup Factory. He has successfully led dozens of business transformations, taking stagnant firms and showing entrepreneurs how to turn them around.


Born in Schaffhausen, Switzerland, Mike is an expert on dimensions of change. For nearly 20 years, he provided business owners with objective and customized strategies on profitable investment opportunities that would lead to better metrics. Additionally, Mike Baur has helped develop and implement marketing strategies for numerous start-ups, as well as mentoring entrepreneurs on improving marketing processes, leading to improved engagement.


Baur began his early career in the Swiss banking industry, and while conducting extensive due diligence for many wealthy bankers, his hard work was noticed. From Clariden Leu to UBS, Baur quickly rose among the ranks and built a following that noticed his unique talent for business development.


Besides his ability in the banking industry, he has an expertise that includes business and financial modeling, analysis, company acquisitions, forecasting, investor due diligence, and early-stage fundraising, to name a few. With this talent, Baur decided to devote his time to supporting other entrepreneurs.


Baur knows this is the golden age for start-ups, and while nearly 80% of new businesses fail, Mike Baur has a recipe for that facilitates brand launching. In 2016, as master facilitator, Baur helped Velohub and Struck’d kick off a successful Kickstarter campaign, raising nearly $60,000 in a matter of days, and Struck’d landing interest from iPhone and Android users.


A World of Opportunities


No matter how simple your idea may be it requires work and some expertise, and that’s where Mike Baur comes in. He’s a major player in the business world and knows how to bring an idea to market.


Most novice entrepreneurs don’t understand how to move from A to B, and keep going. You need to study the market, and understand the customers and the competitors. Baur helps with all the entrepreneurship tools, through all the phases. Many entrepreneurs sit idle with no input instead of finding someone who has done it before. This is one of the reasons Mike Baur’s Swiss Startup Factory is so vital, and why Baur has earned top ratings. His marketing savvy combined with his personal insight and strategies help his clients to reach their greatest potential, and has generated dramatic results.


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