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Nicolas Krafft Enhances the Diverse Beauty and Magic of L’Oreal

Marketing Strategist / February 21, 2019 / No Comments /

L’Oreal is a beauty brand that doesn’t need much introduction. The global company is a dominating force and leader in the beauty industry, creating products for hair care, skin care, and cosmetics. L’Oreal celebrates diverse forms of beauty and continues to seek ways to innovate and provide a luxurious beauty experience for women of all types.

Nicolas Krafft has been a significant part of the beauty company’s current success as the Vice President of Global Business Development at L’Oreal. After earning a degree at the University of St. Gallen in Business Management, he worked for a decade developing his insight and skills until he ascertained a degree in Corporate General Management.

Since Nicolas Krafft has joined L’Oreal, he has helped emphasize corporate ethics and moral standings within the company. L’Oreal hosts an annual “Ethics Day” which is devoted to bringing employees and customers closer together.

L’Oreal stunned the fashion and beauty world with a 196-foot floating display in the heart of France’s capital city, Paris, right on the Seine River. As a commitment to expanding how people think actively about beauty, L’Oreal’s show focused on displaying over 70 hair and makeup looks created exclusively for the event.

Top world renown and respected fashion brands including Miu Miu, Balmain, Chopard, and Isabel Marant partnered with L’Oreal at the show. For people who were unable to physically attend the extravaganza of beauty and fashion, large screens were set up to show the live action for passerby.

Nicolas Krafft was integral to the success of the 2019 fashion and beauty show, as he was responsible for marketing and advertising the memorable event. Over 30 countries around the world were treated to a broadcast of the latest makeup, beauty, and fashionable looks.

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