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O2PUR, making vaping a favorite

eCig-Industry / May 7, 2018 / No Comments /

E-cigs are quickly becoming every smoker’s favourite. Smokers lover them for their convenience and none smokers admire them for their style. The coming of e-cigs has resulted in many people picking up vaping as a habit. Here are some of the reasons

E-cigs are environmentally friendly

One of the major concerns people had with traditional cigarettes was the fact that smoke depletes the Ozone layer. This kept many from picking up the habit. E-cigs don’t give out smoke. So there is no point in going to the smoking zone. Since its users don’t harm the environment, those who shunned smoking now vape.

E-cigs are stylish

This is probably the most convenient feature of e-cigarettes. They come in different shapes and sizes. O2PUR has a device that looks like a pen. This allows its user to carry it to work, even to a meeting, without attracting too much attention. The different shapes also allow those who are fashion conscious to make fashion statements.

O2pur come in different flavours

E-cigs come in many flavours; some fruity, some minty. Each flavour comes with a lovely scent. This not only enhances the user’s vaping experience, it doesn’t leave them with a bad taste in the mouth or a repulsive smell. This makes it easier for people who want to keep their habit secret from their families.

E-cigs are pocket friendly

The amount of money spent in buying cigarettes has made many concerned. Since e-cigs are reusable, their prices are cheap. Once the user buys a vaping device all that is needed is refilling the juice. This eliminates the fear of spending too much money in picking the habit.

E-cigs can be customized

Some of O2PUR devices are adjustable. They are designed in such a way that the user can control the amount of juice being burned in the device. The user therefore can choose the intensity of his or her experience depending on the mood or occasion.

E-cig companies have been able to do something traditional companies were not able to do. They produce a starter’s kit. New users do not have to fumble their way through using an e-cig. The instructions are simple so anyone can understand.

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