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Oren Frank- Co-Founder, and CEO of Talkspace

CEO / November 5, 2018 / No Comments /

Talkspace Hires a Chief Medical Officer from UnitedHealth

Talkspace one of the start-ups offering therapy through video chats is now more focused on reaching more clients than ever before hence they have added one of the most reliable medical officers to their team. Prior to joining this entity, Neil Leibowitz worked as the senior medical executive at the UnitedHealth. Talkspace plays two significant roles. Firstly, they offer professional talks to therapists on a weekly basis, through the online platform at the cost of $79. Secondly, they provide messaging services to the mental health providers at the cost of $49. After having Neil Leibowitz on board, talkspace will soon be in a position to prescribe medication when required.

The Focus on the Mental Health

According to a proxy study, it is evident that there is an increase in anxiety and depression among the optimists, which has an impact on their productivity. To this end, the employers are now taking mental health seriously more than ever before. According to Frank, their services are tested by nearly 10% of their client employees, and many of them opt for the messaging services. Similarly, Neil Leibowitz has been skeptical about the talkspace as it is an icon of something new and compelling. He decided to join forces with this company after analyzing the operation team in talkspace and their products, which he realized played an essential role when it comes to making therapists servicers available. This way he is confident that provision of the mental health services to clients in rural areas is a well-documented issue.

Getting the Clients to Pay for Healthcare

Talkspace has experienced some challenges over the last few months. This firm recorded a sevenfold barb in the expenditure following the recent presidential elections. However, this never ended here as therapists went on to speak out on their policies of not stepping-in in emergencies. To curb this issue, the firm came up with a new strategy, which encouraged therapists to request contact credentials in such instances. Robert Mittendorf, an investor at the talkspace and an affiliate at the Norwest ventures, was also confident that clients are always willing to cater for the services that they find fit for them.

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