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Rebel Wilson: How ‘Isnt it Romantic’ Will Redefine the Future of Film Industry

Entertainment / February 12, 2019 / No Comments /

The name Rebel Wilson is synonymous with interesting movies and TV series. She has been part of the best TV series in the last eight years as a member of the cast. However, during the previous five years, she has diversified her role in the fil industry to include directing and producing films on different themes.

The change of the roles according to her is to get a more broad understanding of the acting and film industry. Apart from understanding the industry operations, Rebel Wilson hopes to have a better understanding of what makes a consumer pay for cinema tickets and some of the reasons they may fail to pay for tickets.

Film pundits believe that 2019 will be one of Rebel’s best years in her career. This year is special for Rebel Wilson as two of her feature films will be out this year. Isnt it Romantic, which will be screened this month is without a doubt one of her all-time biggest roles.

In one of her Instagram post in January, she shared the big news that the film will be available in most of the cinemas around the USA on Valentines in line with celebrating the day of love. Miley Cyrus, who is currently a life partner to one of the cast members (Liam Hemsworth), was one of the people who expressed excitement on the ‘screening’ news.

Although Rebel Wilson is one of the biggest names in the film industry, she points out that some people are still interested to know her story and more importantly if she is originally from Australia.

Rebel is from Australia, and although she has worked with American producers and directors for many years, her acting journey started in Australia. According to her, she discovered her talent when she was still in high school, but professionally, she started acting after high school. Rebel Wilson is grateful for the exposure she received from her drama teachers in Australia and more importantly the film directors that believed in her gift.

In addition to her talent and exposure, Rebel Wilson believes that being successful and consistency takes a lot of hard work and a different approach to work. For example, Rebel believes that owning her roles is one of the reasons why she has been able to be consistent in the romantic comedy niche.

Unlike other film niches, romantic comedy relies on the execution of the role more than the initial script. Most of the journals in the last five years have described her as one of the most brilliant actors in this film niche.

In addition, she is a firm believer in charity. In the last three years, she has collaborated with major entities such as MasterCard in charity. One of the projects that are dear to Rebel Wilson is education and specifically educating young girls from Africa.

Through her Instagram and Twitter pages, she has been sharing some of the stories of hope. On November last year, she published a selfie photo with a beneficiary who is currently pursuing her college education in Europe.

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