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Recent News On David McDonald, OSI Industries Food Group President

Business LeaderDavid McDonald / June 30, 2018 / No Comments /

David McDonald is President and acting COO, of the international OSI Industries Food Group. He has a combined success with the company totaling 27+ years of professional food industry experience and education. McDonald has been able to use his expertise to participate in the growth of OSI. His goal is to deliver more customers than any other food service provider. David McDonald also works well alongside other executive members of their premier food service group. McDonald has agreed to take on a new international growth initiative with other key leaders of the popular OSI Industries food service corporation.

Recent News About OSI President

Through David McDonald, OSI has been able to partner with food industry leaders around the world. He was able to strength his international ties with a successful European deal. His expertise in the food industry allowed him to secure a deal with one of the largest food service networks in the EU. McDonald was able to secure a deal with the Flagship Europe food service group. Today, OSI operates one of their largest food production plants including their food industry condiments and other food products. McDonald was also successful at merging with the popular Dutch, Baho Food Group.

OSI Industries is a popular food service network that operates in Aurora, Illinois. They have over 50 years experience in the food industry. They’re responsible for providing frozen food items, beef patties, hot dogs, desserts, organic vegetables and more. They also have actively participated in giving back to the community by creating jobs, donating time, and resoures to many charitable events around the world. OSI is committed to serving the diverse communities they feed. Learn more about the popular OSI Industry group and David McDonald by visiting their official online website for more details today. Trust the OSI Industry food service provider to feed your family a smart affordable meal.

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