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Rick Cofer: The Life Of a Criminal Defense Attorney

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Rick Cofer is a criminal defense attorney that specializes in drug, assault, family domestic violence, DWI, murder, robbery, and juvenile cases along with sex crimes and property crimes.


Life and Career

After being a prosecutor for nine years, he is now the owner of Rick Cofer law office PLLC. Cofer has extensive experience in criminal matters and has been active in representing people charged with crimes. He was licensed to practice Law back in 2008 and has resolved over one thousand cases in front of a judge and jury.


Cofer also served on different governmental, community, and non-profit roles. He helped build the Universal Recycling Ordinance and Austin ban on plastic bags while he was the Chair of the City of Austin Zero Waste Commission and became President of the board of directors for the Austin Ending Community Homelessness Coalition and Pease Park Conservancy. Throughout the years, he has served on State Democratic Executive Committee and an elected member of the Democratic National Committee.


Cofer was frustrated by the waste diversion in Austin parks and their lack of recycling, which led him to help increase the funding for aquatics, parkland acquisition, and recycling in parks while serving as the Vice Chair of the City of Austin Parks and Recreation Board. Cofer and his stakeholders passed a set of implementation recommendations and funding for the 2018-2019 budget over the next few years.


Cofer was worked closely with doctors and community advocates in helping patients that are suffering from mental health while working as the mental health attorney for the Travis County Attorney’s Office.



Rick Cofer manages his time very well by accomplishing small and big tasks every single day. He goes to bed early and wakes up early to avoid wasting time. He aims to excel in his work for his own clients and continue to help people with a legal crisis.


Life Outside Work

Cofer spends his time around parks and trails with his corgi, going to the movies, and spending a lot of time enjoying meals in restaurants. He is also a traveler who loves to appreciate nature. He also recommends reading the local daily newspaper and The Economist, a book that he has been reading for decades and helped him enrich his life.



He encourages people to spread goodwill, has professional courtesy, and common decency. In order to thrive in a career and succeed in the same field, he suggests to find and listen to a mentor while watching various court trials.


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