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Robert Ivy Fruitful Career And Rewards In The Architectural Field

ArchitectureCEO / November 23, 2018 / No Comments /

Robert Ivy serves as the CEO and the Senior Vice President of The American Institute of Architects. He joined AIA in 2011 as a senior editor, practicing architect, and author.

Before securing the position in AIA, Robert worked for Architectural Records as the Chief Editor where his outstanding works were noticed and appreciated by giving him awards including an award from the National Magazine Institute. He has greatly influenced the growth of AIA in the institute’s global footprint.

In 2010, Robert Ivy was described as the “Master Architect” by Alpha Rho Chi which is a national body composed of architects. The title is always given to architects who are well recognized for their efforts. Some of the architects who have previously received the honorary title include Ludwig MiesRohe, I. M. Pei, and Fuller R. Buckminster. I 2017, Robert Ivy was honored by the Fay Jones School of Architecture in the University of Arkansas with a Dean’s medal, and he also works for Fay Jones as an author.

According to Nancy LaForge, the contribution made by Robert in the world of Architecture as a commentator, author, and writer are unparelled, and he has a secure place in the Noel Polk Award’s list of honorees. With this award, Robert Ivy joins the list of legendary people like Morgan Freeman who received it in 2007 for acting, Walter Anderson who won in 2007 as an artist, and writers Shelby Foote and Eudora Welty who received the award in 2004 and 2001 respectively.

As CEO of AIA, Robert Ivy states that being a member of a professional society is beneficial to professionals. The architecture profession has few professionals, but because it is a body that has regulations that each member strictly follows, the organization has the power to influence the policymakers into coming up with conditions that are favorable to them. The body, for instance, has advocacy that influenced the tax legislation. He also stated that listing your roles as a leader affiliation to the association in professional sites like LinkedIn is very important and we have organizations for beginning professionals and others for veteran ones.

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