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Robert Ivy’s Commitment To Excellence

CEOWorld of Architecture / July 26, 2018 / No Comments /

Robert Ivy happens to be the Chief Executive Officer and the Executive Vice president of the famous American Institute of Architects. The company has more than 90,000 members and has a lot of design professionals who are committed to success in their career. They are always passionate about success and have been on the frontline making sure that engineering industry retains its greatness and awesomeness.

He has been able to strengthen the association of 250 chapters through public outreach, advocacy and also education initiatives in the sector. They have helped their members serve their clients and also communities in the global era of change and even challenge.

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Robert Ivy has been in the leadership since 2011 and has managed to bring a lot of changes in the industry. AIA has managed to transform a lot towards changing the lives of so many people and has been able to serve the architecture profession in this century of technological advancements. The CEO of AIA has been able to change the industry from a rich legacy as people would call it to a responsive, proactive and also an influential organization. His main agenda is to heighten public awareness in the industry and that of the value and relevance of all the architects available.

Some of the signature achievements that the company has attained under the leadership of Robert Ivy are helping in building first technology infrastructure, launching a great award-winning public awareness and understanding campaign as well as improvement of decisions making procedures. They have also focused on significant agendas in life. They are sustainability, climate change and also public health and impact of design.

Robert Ivy has a lot of previous experience before joining AIA. Robert Ivy used to serve as the editorial director & Vice president of McGraw- Hill Construction. He also had the privilege of serving as the Chief Editor of Architectural Record Magazine. He has also been able to receive numerous honors in the industry. They are premier magazine journalism award and so many others. His work has been able to inspire a lot of professionals in his trade, and he has always worked with a lot of passion and motivation for success. He is a believer of success who works very hard towards achieving his long-term goals.

Check more about Robert Ivy: http://www.architectmagazine.com/awards/robert-ivy-receives-noel-polk-lifetime-achievement-award_o

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