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Roberto Santiago: Mangabeira Project Helps Improve Societal Opportunities for Growth

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Roberto Santiago is a premier entrepreneur and business leader who has developed significant opportunities for growth and development throughout Paraiba. Attending several universities before staring his first company, Roberto Santiago utilized earnings from a cartonage company in order to get his first real estate and development deal. The establishment of Manaira Shopping Plaza has initiated some of the best results for locals as well as advantageous opportunities for growth that have led to its numerous accolades and aspects of social recognition. As the largest facility of its kind, the shopping plaza offers resources and economic conditions that have improved local society at large.


Mainara Shopping Plaza has since been followed by the Mangabeira project. This facility also offers opportunities for business development and further establishment. By providing key services and methods of operations for businesses, Roberto Santiago has singlehandedly improved the real-estate evaluations as well as access to resources for locals throughout the state of Paraiba.


Mangaberia was established much after Mainara but provides valuable resources and opportunities for development throughout the area. Built in just two and a half years, the facility offered jobs to thousands of local workers to ensure it was properly constructed. Even though migration of customers is anticipated to a small degree, it is unlikely that Mangabeira will interfere with the prosperity and economic climate that has been developed by Manaira.


The resources that help drive growth are just part of the equation when it comes to improving societal infrastructure. Both Mangabeira and Mainara Shopping plazas address core services that people need in addition to existing retailers and other types of chains. His years of experience and diligence have led to him becoming a premier business executive in Brazil with on incredible results that have benefited his endeavors and the lives of thousands of locals.


Roberto Santiago speaks to the importance of both of his projects when it comes to improving economic and social conditions. The urban development aspects of Mangabeira set it apart from other institutions and contribute significantly to the way that buildings and shops can operate. The additional advantages of enterprise resources becoming available through the process of Mangabeira increasing its infrastructure contribute greatly to the way that housing developments and businesses can improve their conditions. Due to overvaluation of land as well as limited resources in the area, Mangabeira is sure to improve the local climate and diversify access to a great degree.


Not only has Roberto Santiago improved the chances of real estate evaluations in areas surrounding Mangabeira, but he has developed clear methods that will allow businesses to grow and develop over time. There are significant advantages to the location of Mangabeira that will help locals as well as tourists.


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