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‘Rock Band 4’ Versus ‘Guitar Hero: Live’

Guitar HeroRock BandVideo Games / May 18, 2015 / 1 Comment /

It was recently announced that ‘Guitar Hero: Live’ will be hitting shelves this fall, and many people were extremely excited with the announcement of the game. ‘Guitar Hero: Live’ will be unlike any other ‘Guitar Hero’ game, and players are extremely excited for the new entry in the famed franchise. However, ‘Guitar Hero: Live’ better bring its “A” game because ‘Rock Band’ is back as well.

‘Rock Band 4’ has been announced, and it will also release later this fall according to STX Entertainment. ‘Guitar Hero’ fans might be worried about the announcement of the new ‘Rock Band’ game. Long ago, ‘Guitar Hero’ ruled the world of music games, but ‘Rock Band” quickly took that crown from ‘Guitar Hero.’

‘Rock Band’ offers players the ability to play in a band with your friends, and this means that all musical instruments are usable. ‘Guitar Hero’ simply offers a guitar, but ‘Rock Band’ actually requires a singer, drummer, and guitarist. The first six ‘Rock Band 4’ songs have been announced, and players wont be disappointed. For more information on this story, and to see what songs have already made the ‘Rock Band’ playlist, visit Gamerant.

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