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Role of Bruno Fagali in the New/sb

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The new/sb is an agency with some government related accounts. Since Michel Temer became the president, companies and bodies must undergo changes in command law service on an interim basis. One of the founding partners namely Bob Vieira has implemented corporate integrity program, a system that concentrates on sound business practices. Bob noted in an interview with Meio & Mensagem that he views the urban law possibility of fear to revise advertising contracts of companies linked to the government.

Bruno Fagali continued to explain how the process of creation of its compliance occurred. New/sb was the first advertising agency in the sector to create a code of conduct in accordance with anti-corruption law. It is also the first agency to consult the CGU on its corporate rules. It is the first 100% Brazilian agency to get an invitation to participate in international organizations advertising competition. Two years ago, the agency started a process of creating corporate integrity program. The program is now complete, it is rigid and is in full accordance with rules of anti-corruption law. The new/sb will, therefore, be the only agency in the sector to submit a code of conduct to the General Controller of the Union (GCU). GCU is an agency in the newly established Ministry of transparency supervision and control.

Bob Vieira went through the evaluation of the new/sb leaders, constituent members of the internal ethics committee of law and corporate integrity manager. The code has been given to the employees and is available on the agency’s intranet. Bruno Fagali is in charge of implementation of the integrity program and training of various teams.

About Bruno Fagali

Bruno Fagali is one of the founding partners of FAGALI advocacy and corporate manager of new /sb advertising agency. He is a master in the law of the state faculty of law of USP. He is also a specialist in administrative law by FGV-Gvlaw and PUC/sp cogea. Bachelor degree in Law from PUC/SP. He is an effective coordinator and associate of the ethics committee. He is also the coordinator of the advertising agencies of the Brazilian Institute of business law and ethics. Bruno is currently studying law at the University of Sao Paulo.

To know more visit @ : twitter.com/BrunoFagaliPR

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