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Ryan Seacrest: The Voice and Face Of Media

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Over the years there have been many entertaining and great host and personalities on American television. Some are more iconic than others, but this person in particular will be remembered forever. The man I am referring to is non-other than Ryan Seacrest. This host has truly left his mark on the heart of any Americans.

Ryan Seacrest is known as the TV host of the log-running tv series American Idol. The show is returning for a new season and Ryan Seacrest is returning with it. In addition to hosting the famous show he has shown himself to be a very resourceful entrepreneur. He is a regular on the other shows that are nationally syndicated as well as an established radio personality. He is truly focused on the goal of great content across multiple media venues and entertainment-based entities. In radio he is the host of his own show “On Air with Ryan Seacrest”. He is an instrumental part in the number one national syndicated morning drive show in Los Angeles iHeartMedia’s 102.7 KIIS-FM. His experience and positions don’t stop there either as he is at the helm of his own production company that boasts Emmy awards. He is one of the founders of shows like Keeping up with The Kardashian and Live from The Red Carpet. His company has even spread into creating original shows for Netflix.

Ryan Seacrest and his talents not only extend to his business and production ventures, but he is known as a handsome man by the general public. He has leveraged this into other opportunities like a Menswear Line of clothing and Skin wear. He has worked in advertising with products like Coca-Cola and Ford Motors. Seacrest has a thing for giving back to the youth as he is the chairman of the Ryan Seacrest Foundation which works to provide the youth with resources to become the next multimedia generation. He strongly believes in educating and training the next generation to do like he has. Overall, Ryan Seacrest is a man that is successful and loved by all of America and he will go down in history as one of the best voices and faces of media.

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