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Shervin Pishevar and Resisting Change in the Digital World

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The online world is rapidly changing. Some describe the transition as Internet 3.0. Shervin Pishevar recognized some of these changes early on. How much more can the world change? Wasn’t it only a generation ago that only books existed in classroom? The idea of face-to-face chats, a work of science fiction?


People like Shervin Pishevar would point to the potential impact of artificial intelligence (AI). We are at a time when the children who read their first words live on the Internet are now creating technology. Virtual reality (VR) is already here, and it’s cheap enough for most anyone to sample. When considering these transformative technologies, the answers to the above questions become more clear.


No one can predict the future, but we can expect certain things. We can expect Internet 3.0 to be profound. That developers, programmers and coders, believe enough in the new digital technologies as to warrant a new name for the medium on which we all communicate. We can expect great change to occur- the type of change that Shervin Pishevar predicted.


Imagine a world where instead of merely being capable of exchanging information, we could exchange value. A web of value where tokenized digital assets make it practical to utilize more of the world’s wealth. Instead of the rich becoming richer with a low aptitude of putting that wealth to work; imagine if assets were a constant economic stimulus. Through AI and blockchain this is possible.


Shervin Pishevar also foresaw some struggles prior to great change taking place. This is like the situation of the current economy. Some of the struggle might be capitalistic mechanisms where big players are competing for top positions. More critical are the big players who are resisting change.


As Silicon Valley demonstrated, resistance to change will often lead to an organization’s demise. This proved true not only for companies, but for large corporations, long establish organizations, and even governments. What might be of supreme concern is the ability for rapid change. After all, it is hard to predict what will become of technologies like 3-D printing.



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