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Stream Energy Launches Stream Cares

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Stream Energy is a Dallas based energy company. It is always looking for ways to give back to its community. After Hurricane Harvey in Houston, the company witnessed first-hand the destruction and devastation so close to home. The company formed a philanthropic wing, Stream Cares, to focus solely on charitable work. Stream Energy has been extremely successful through its energy business, and it was a logical continuation to give back to its customers.


One area the company has focused on is the plight of the homeless in the Dallas area. It has seen the issue get worse over the last few years. It has also noticed the effects of homelessness on children. Stream Cares partnered with Hope Supply Co. Hope Supply Co is also based in Dallas. It is not the first time that Stream Cares has worked hand in hand with other organizations. It has worked with Habitat for Humanity and the Red Cross.


Stream Energy is slightly different from other companies that raise money for charities. The company thinks it is just as important to donate it’s time along with opening its checkbook. Stream Energy employees also love the chance to meet people in their community. Employees recently spent time with children as they enjoyed a day out at a local water park. It is the not the only event they have taken part in for children.


The company organized a lunch for veterans and their families, and they also put on the American Girl Doll Experience. Ten daughters of veterans were able to enjoy a day out, and they received one of the iconic dolls.


Corporate America as a whole is very generous in its charitable work, but Texas itself is nearer to the bottom of the ladder as far as giving goes. Stream Cares hopes that it will set the example for its fellow Texan companies to follow.



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