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Surf Air Expands Member Benefits, Destinations And Partnerships

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It would be so incredible to have your own private plane. Imagine the power to be able to arrange for a flight from LAX airport to Milan for the weekend. Well, that’s exactly what members of Surf Air can do.

Surf Air is the country’s first private air travel club. Its members have the incredible power of arranging for unlimited monthly charter flights to regions across the world. That’s because Surf Air has recently announced expansion to 20 different new European cities. Its members can literally jump on a plane to Milan for the weekend. Or, if Milan doesn’t suit your taste, you can head to Luxembourg, Munich, Nice or Vienna.

This charter flight company is one of the coolest companies in the country. They started just five years ago by flying people from LAX airport to California destinations such as Santa Barbara, San Francisco and Lake Tahoe. It started out as a way for members to be able to squeeze as much fun as they could out of their weekends. Now the service flies all over the world.

The California-based company has also linked up with a similar service on the East Coast called Blade Air. Blade Air’s destinations aren’t as far-reaching as Surf Air’s but their services are pretty cool. They use a network of helicopters and seaplanes to take people from Manhattan to places like Nantucket, Newport and East Hampton.

Blade Air also has seven different luxury suites and lounges in airports on the East Coast. Surf Air customers are now allowed access to those lounges with this new partnership. This partnership simply expands possible destinations for Surf Air members.

And Surf Air is honoring its member’s loyalty. Current members are all receiving a membership upgrade to celebrate five years of charter flights. In the perks of being a Surf Air member continue to expand.

Surf Air members are driven straight to their planes at LAX airport. They have their own private terminal which allows them to skip crowds, security lines and waits at customs. Instead, employees handle their bags right away while they are driven out onto the tarmac to the foot of their plane.

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