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The Businessman, the Leader, and the Philosopher-George Soros

Human Rightsphilanthropy / November 19, 2017 / No Comments /

There are a few people who survived the Holocaust and are still alive to talk about the experience. George Soros is a Jew by Birth, and he lived in the Nazi-occupied Hungary during the horrifying period. Perhaps these are the experiences which made him the passionate philanthropist that he is today. Soros managed to get out of Hungary and spent most of his formative years in the UK. After his education, he started his first hedge fund, which was very successful. He moved to the country in 1993, and has been operating both his business charity organization from New York.

It is now official that most of the money that Soros has made over the years will go to his charity. This was after he gave away $18 billion of his massive estate to the Soros Foundation. He gave away the money with the hope that it will be used to fund a number of philanthropic causes around the country and the world. George has always believed that even though the world is not the perfect place that it should be, it is possible to put efforts that will help us leave it better than we found it. In addition to the $18 billion, Soros has in the past given more than $6 billion to different causes.

Soros has been involved in a number of controversies. This is because of the activities that his open society foundations serve. There was a time when he supported a movement that was fighting to uphold an individual’s end of life choices. Soros’ name was mentioned as the mastermind behind the Charlottesville event where a motorist rammed into a crowd of protestors. These mentions seem like a smear campaign meant to taint his name.

George Soros maintains that he always advocates for peaceful ways to get the message heard when something is wrong in the society. He has never supported violence, any acts that could infringe on the individual rights of any person, or the rights of a group of people. Soros has always advocated for an open society that accommodates people regardless of their color, economic status or ethnicity. These are the ideals that he was fighting to uphold when he fought for the rights of the South African students. They are the same ideals that he was fighting for when he funded Kerry’s race against Bush, and also during the protests in Ferguson. and more information click here

George Soros says that while it is true that the world is not perfect, it is possible to make simple steps that will gradually improve other people’s lives. Soros believes that the current administration is not doing enough to create an open society and fight for the rights of the less fortunate. He feels that through the Soros Foundation, it will be possible to speak out against what could be going home in the society and make things better. His ultimate goal is to transform the world to a place where progressive agendas and ideals are accepted universally. Soros is a revolutionary. and Follow him Twitter.com

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