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The Chainsmokers find a new aesthetic

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Despite already leaving their mark on the music scene, it is easy to forget that the band has only been around for a couple of years. While it would have been easy to keep their string of hits coming by sticking to the same sound, the group has changed approach to the style they want.

Taggart and Pall’s success mean they are given more freedom from their record label, and they have used that to come up with a darker sound than on their previous album. This sound reflects the darker feel they find in the country at the moment. They want their music to be set in a certain space and time and not deal with universal issues that could be from any era. They want to talk about what is happening right now. Social media is part of that dynamic. As such a part of society they feel that it should be part of their songs.

Another reason for the shift is the desire not be stuck in a certain category. There is a fear that they become a band that is known for one specific sound, and so they wanted to mix things up.

The Chainsmokers are not put off by the immense success they have had already. While some bands would be intimidated by their own achievements, the Chainsmokers feed off of that energy. They see that as yet another reason to change the sound. They do not want to compete with themselves musically. A new sound will enable them to reinvent themselves. A band that keeps coming out with the same music cannot grow.

The band wants to keep their music credibility while also having chart success which can at times be challenging. The Chainsmokers have a history of working with other singers but they see working with new producers as the future.



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