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The Chainsmokers Maximize The Use of Social Media

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Alex Pall and Drew Taggart are the dynamic duo known in the musical world as The Chainsmokers. It is through EDM that the two have found their niche, although they are no strangers to the pop genre. They thrive on the uniqueness of their musicality and concentrate on continual improvement and making their music energetic and dynamic. To stay relevant, to build a following, and to maintain fan contact, The Chainsmokers, have a strong social media presence. It is all about building their brand.

The use of social media is vital to musicians because the artist needs to maintain contact with fans, increase their fan base, market their art, and extend their reach globally. The Chainsmokers use social media to share their artistic content, and Alex Pall and Drew Taggart use social media to full effect. The Chainsmokers have a website and a presence on Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, and YouTube.

On Facebook, the dynamic duo has 8.6 million followers and 8.5 million likes. On Instagram, The Chainsmokers have 5.4 million followers. On YouTube, Alex and Drew’s presence is nothing short of amazing. With more than 14 million subscribers. Their music videos and live concert videos have a staggering 1.3 billion views. They have 3.2 million followers on Twitter. Placing their website URL on their social media pages enhances their digital footprint.

The number of hits to Alex and Drew’s social media pages illustrates their popularity with fans. The Chainsmokers continue making chart-topping hits, one after the other. They also have one Grammy and an additional Grammy nomination. The duo continues to gain popularity as their fan base increases exponentially. The fact that each of their cuts has made the charts solidifies not just their presence but also their dominance on the EDM scene.

Social media is a great marketing tool for the duo and their long string of chart-topping hits fuels their popularity. Alex and Drew do not focus on charts, however. They both stay laser-focused on producing music that is fresh and resonates with their listeners. Their outreach on social media increases their opportunity to touch the hearts of their fans.


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