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The Incredible Success of Betsy Devos

Education / January 30, 2019 / No Comments /

When you think of private education in the United States, Betsy Devos is a name that is very well known in this field. She has been working for many decades to advocate for changes in the educational system. Even while she was attending high school and university, Devos joined clubs and organizations where she was able to help make changes on campus. Her passion for educational reform has continued on for over 30 years. During her time in politics, she has been able to help pass legislation that has given many families educational opportunities that they would have never been able to have in the past.


Devos has helped to lobby for state funded private school funding. With the vouchers that are available to families, it is much easier for children from all socio-economic backgrounds to attend schools of their choice. This has been one of the key factors of Devos’s political career. She truly believes that every family deserves the opportunity to send their children to the school of their choice. This allows underprivileged youth to have a much better opportunity at making it into the college of their dreams.


Devos got her start in supporting these charter schools when she first supported the Porter’s House school many years ago. Thanks to her donations, many low-income families have been able to send their children to a private school that has amenities that are unlike most private schools. Each child has their own Chromebook, comfortable office chairs, and teachers who are trained in providing one on one support to their students.


The future looks bright for private education due to the advancements that individuals like Devos are bringing into the industry. With Devos providing scholarships to many low-income students, she is setting the bar high for other philanthropists and government officials. It is time that something be done for those children who have otherwise not been able to afford private schooling in the past.


Florida, Indiana, and Louisiana have been some of the states that have been most effectively funding private education. Devos has shown her support and admiration for the state of Florida where over 50,000 students have been able to attend private school due to vouchers that were available to low-income families. It seems as though it will only be a matter of time before many more states adopt this type of state-funded private education. These choices that are now becoming available to families will help to give a much broader range of options to students all across America.


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