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The Success of OSI Group under the Stewardship of David McDonald

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OSI Group has been offering food products to various food outlets for more than two decades. Since the company began its operations in Beijing, it has continued to maintain a good relationship with McDonald. OSI Group was the official supplier of food products such as beef, chicken, and pork to the Olympic Games which took place in China in 2008. The company did its job excellently during the entire period.

OSI Group supplies food products to Starbucks which is under McDonald. The company also provides food products such as cooked beef and pork to notable companies such as Burger King, the Subway, and Yum among others. OSI Group’s president is David McDonald who has been serving at the company for long. Mr. McDonalds notes that OSI Food Solutions has established a global connection of people.

David has managed to come up with a good leadership team that understands the local culture of people from different parts of the world. By understanding local tastes and preferences, OSI Group is able to customize its products to satisfy consumers fully. McDonald notes that OSI Group leads in the supply of poultry to different parts of China. Expansion of customer base means increased profitability of the company which is also something that Mr. McDonald wants to achieve.

Under the outstanding leadership of McDonald, the company has achieved tremendous growth. Some of the great achievements by OSI Group under the stewardship of David include the establishment of processing facilities in different parts of the world. Additionally, OSI Group launched a vegetable processing plant in India. Mr. McDonald said that OSI Group was highly determined to increase production to meet the growing demand for their products.

David values the partnership program embraced by the company because it helps to satisfy the needs of consumers. Companies that offer OSI Group equipment have been urged to develop products that ensure the quality of food products is not compromised. Also, David McDonald finds it important for the company to monitor how farmers grow food products. Farmers are as well advised on the best practices to employ to ensure quality produce.

David McDonald finds it important to engage clients in the development of the company’s plans. David notes that incorporating the views of consumers in production leads to increased satisfaction. The president of OSI Group encourages the production team to engage with consumers during the early stages to ensure that quality is observed at all levels. McDonald was also grateful that OSI Group finally purchased Baho Foods because it will expand its customer base.

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