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Top-Rated Brazilian Rally Driver, Michel Terpins

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Michel Terpins loves rallying. Most recently, together with his Bull Sertoes Rally teammate Maykel Justo, they successfully finished a critical section in the Sertoes Rally. The rally driver joined the sport back in 2002. At first, Michel Terpins didn’t take part in the car category but drove motorcycles. In 2004, Michael joined the car category and united with his older brother, Rodrigo, who had joined car rallying earlier. After entering the car category, Michael never looked back. He dedicated his time to the sport with the aim of becoming an internationally recognized rally driver someday. Today, Michael joins the list of most successful rally drivers in Brazil. He has taken part in countless competitions most of which he has performed exceptionally.

Michael and his brother have inspired many other rally drivers to reach their full potential. Moreover, the two have made many people in Brazil to love the sport. Michael formed Bull Sertoes Rally team, a rally team dedicated to providing a platform to future rally drivers to showcase their skills. Presently, the Bull Sertoes Rally team is the best rally team in Brazil. Michael’s rally team hosts a rally competition called Sertoes Rally competition. Thousands of rally drivers from different parts of the world take part in the Sertoes Rally competition.

More about Michel Terpins

Michel Terpins takes part in the Sertoes Rally competition and has emerged the winner several times. In the 24th edition of the Sertoes Rally competition, Michael was placed position five cumulatively in the entire circuit of the competition. Mr. Terpins participated in the 22nd edition of the Sertoes Rally competition only for his car to break down in the final race.

Later, Michel Terpins adopted prototype T-Rex car. With this car, Michael managed to clinch top positions. The T-Rex has been used in the Sertoes Rally competition for several years now. Powered by a powerful V8 engine, the T-Rex car is among the best cars in the entire competition. Michael’s dream to become a highly-celebrated rally driver appears to have come true. He has influenced numerous drivers from different parts of the country to join the Sertoes Rally competition.

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