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Vinod Gupta Makes Advancements In Database Technology

Business InnovatorBusiness Leader / July 6, 2018 / No Comments /

Vinod Gupta is a well established businessman in the database technology field and an integral part of family owned Everest Group. Originally raised and educated in India, he was granted a scholarship to the University of Nebraska at Lincoln where he studied Agricultural Engineering and Business and earned his Master’s Degree in both fields of study.

The importance of education and a strong work ethic was instilled from an early age by Vinod’s father, who was a busy doctor but devoted a great amount of time to his son’s studies. Today, Vinod is paying it forward as a generous contributor to the education of girls in his former village in India by building them a school in addition to 2 new schools near his former school as well as providing many business, management and science students with internship and fellowship opportunities.

Vinod began his career in database technology with a $100 bank loan to begin marketing his first business which later became known as American Business Information. He recognized there was a need for a central database for business to business contact to be established by his company. Vinod also knew that as technology advanced his company must adapt as well. Because of his astute business sense his company massively grew and was restructured into InfoGroup and the small $100 start-up venture eventually sold for $680 million.

Vinod Gupta’s approach to business management is to delegate day-to-day operations to a trusted staff of competent employees who are made to feel that their contributions are important to the company. He keeps them informed of all company happenings while planning his next strategic moves for growth and stability for his new business, Everest Group. If past results are indicative of present success, there is little doubt Everest Group will remain a top player.

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