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Vinod Gupta: The American Dream Is Alive And Well


Vinod Gupta believes that it is still possible to achieve the American dream even with the state of the things being what they are. Gupta understands that it is easy for Americans to get frustrated with the state of affairs being what they are. College graduates start out debt and have a hard time finding good opportunities, but Vinod Gupta believes those are just hurdles.

Gupta calls himself an optimist and believes that the American Dream is still possible to achieve. After all, he was born on the fourth of July and though he is not American born, you do not get any more American than that.

Gupta shares his story on how he achieved his “American Dream”. He came to America to attend college. He brought with him 50 dollars and one suitcase that held his belongings. He was able to find a job after school, but it was a borrowed 100 dollars that paved his way to success. Also, he was willing to continue to learn and work hard. See This Article to learn more.

Gupta believes that it is not his wealth that makes him successful. It is the giving back that does. It is important to understand that once you have made it to the top, it is important to look down the ladder and assist those who are next in line. Nothing is impossible according to Vinod Gupta. If you get stuck, take a moment to look around and see what needs to be fixed. Once you can solve problems that need to be solved, you too will find your American dream.


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