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Where Do We Stay in London?

Across the PondRentalsTravel / October 9, 2015 / 1 Comment /

London is a beautiful and vibrant place full of so many attractions and historical sites. Boasting around 17 million international visitors per year, London is a destination for fun and excitement for people from many backgrounds and expectations. You may be interested in seeing the changing of the Royal Guard or planning a visit to the London Children’s Museum. In either case, it is a daunting task to determine where to stay in a city that you have never visited.

LondonEscape a service that will assist you in finding the perfect London vacation rentals. With live-chat, offices in New York, London, and Rome, and customer service available 18 hours a day, LondonEscape is the place for you to decide on a perfect situation for you and/or your family. The service is different from many travel and discount sites that are out there because they know the properties that they utilize. There are representatives on the ground in London, and they visit and inspect each property that they suggest to their patrons.

LondonEscape offers a full page description on each property with many pictures and guest reviews. Using this site has taken the anxiety out of planning a visit to London for me and my family. It always helps to have a friend that lives in the city that you are visiting, and LondonEscape is like having a friend in London to help you stay out of the bad areas and find a compatible place to fit your needs.

Some more unusual experiences in London include a ghost bus tour, an off-the-beaten-path walking tour, and a visit to the London Eye. A short distance day trip to Stonehenge is always worth the trip, if you have the time. You should not leave London without seeing a play at the historical London Theatre. River tours on the Thames River are romantic in the evening, but also a great family adventure for the daytime hours as well. You will not be disappointed with a trip to London if you know where to look for resources.

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