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Whitney Wolfe: Doing The Right Thing Even In The Face of Adversity

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It is surprisingly rare for someone to do the right thing regardless of the consequences. Many people often cave in to the disapproval of others. Then there are those who are won over by some kind of incentive for them to change their tune. However, there is someone who has not put her integrity on sale. She stands by what she believes in even if it means that she is going to be threatened. Her name is Whitney Wolfe. She is the developer of Bumble and the extensions. She is also a feminist. Therefore, she is doing everything she can to empower women which includes building different tools in her app for women to use.

One of the most recent choices Whitney Wolfe has made for feminism is putting a ban on images. This has angered a lot of people. However, Whitney Wolfe has looked at her choices as something that is good for women and her community. She did not think about making people happy. One thing that she knows is that since she is fighting for a cause, she is bound to make certain people angry. Therefore, Whitney Wolfe has maintained her integrity because she knows what is important.

While men can use Bumble and the extensions, Whitney Wolfe has made some other apps with the purpose of serving only women. Therefore, men only get a portion of her app. Even with what they can use, they are limited in how they can use it. However, men who are unhappy with how Bumble is being run have a ton of other dating apps they can use. For men who want a network where they can meet people, there are a ton of social media sites they can use to meet people and make some connections with people who share passions and interests.

Learn More: www.forbes.com/profile/whitney-wolfe/

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