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William Saito Has Pushed The Innovative Boundaries To Achieve Success

William Saito / July 3, 2018 / No Comments /

William H. Saito was in elementary school when he started programming software. He was still in high school when he began his own company. In 1998, he was named Entrepreneur of the Year. This was when the world recognized him as an authority on cyber security, biometric authentication and encryption. He relocated to Tokyo in 2005 after he sold his business to Microsoft and founded a venture capital firm called InTecur. The company develops global talent, identifies innovative technologies and helps entrepreneurs reach success. He has held several prestigious positions with numerous organizations.


William Saito is one of the tech leaders in Japan. He has provided assistance to help start more than 25 businesses. He believes failure is a necessary part of success and an entreprenuer is unable to progress if they are afraid of failing. William Saito has been in teaching positions, on the boards of global companies and served the cabinet for Prime Minister Abe. William Saito served as Japan’s Chief Technology Officer when the Tohoku earthquake hit Japan in 2011. He also supported his country during the Fukushima nuclear accident. His positions have been in an advisory capacity for the public and private sectors. He was a cybersecurity advisor from 2013 until 2017 for the Japanese Cabinet Office. He served Japan Airlines as a strategic advisor and his outstanding services were rewarded with the Medal of Honor.


William Saito provides invaluable services for startup companies. His strategy has been influenced by the global markets and rapid technological advancements. He has proven he has the ability to see which companies will grow. He works with people to find the root of their problem and delivers an innovative and elegant solution to benefit them in the real world. William Saito calls his main methodology design thinking. This is how he turns ideas into realities. He is impressed with the advances in information technology. This includes artificial intelligence, blockchain, mobility, machine learning, the cloud, robotics, cybersecurity, VR and AR. He believes these technologies are changing the world.


William Saito ensures his businesses are successful by providing services or products that ensure the customers will return. He does not believe selling something once is important. He says selling something twice is what really matters. He has failed as an entrepreneur on certain projects. He believes this is because he has pushed the innovative boundaries. He learns from his failures and uses to information to continue moving forward.




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